Workmates in crime πŸ˜‚

“All motivation is self-motivation. Your family, your boss, or your co-workers can try to get your engine going, but until you decide what to accomplish, nothing will happen.”

Having a friendship at work can actually increase an inspiration to be more productive why? Because they are the one who guides you and encourages you to submit all the paper works on time. You are inspired to do such works because you will be working together. I am really blessed having these people in my workplace, they are my colleagues who’ve always been there for better and for worst =)


KABIGAN FALLS: Truly Breathtakingly Beautiful!

Surrounded by a thick forest, Kabigan Falls is located in Balaoi in the town ofΒ  Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte Philippines. It’s about 30 minutes hike before you reach the falls. The waterfall is approximately 87-feet high. There is a walk about 1.5 km to the falls, with a guide (a woman) who accompanies and helps you over the wooden bridges and river fords. I asked our guide why it was called Kaibigan falls and he explained that the Falls and the River are friends, so old people started to call it Kaibigan Falls. Most of the people who loves to trek are visiting this place but they are not allowed without a tour guide because it is not easy to walk on the place.

I was enjoying putting all the pictures of our travel when I found out that I had posted it all, lol. I am still mesmerized by the view and the story behind the places. This makes me proud as a Filipino as seeing beautiful places like this makes me proud of our enriched culture. I want to go back to Ilocos!




The Venice Grand Canal Mall at McKinley Hill, Taguig City, Manila

I heard so much about this grand canal mall which is located in Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. I was even impressed when I saw the photo of this place on social media so I decided to join a tour when my laag buddies at work had organized an Ilocos Summer Trip last May 14-19, 2019, because I am so eager to see how it looks like in reality.

It was May 18, 2019 when we came here- dealing with the traffic and very hot weather of Manila. I was not expecting too much but was totally surprised with the cleanliness and layout of the place. Now I know why other people are saying that it’s like in Venice, Italy.

Call me ignorant but since I haven’t been to any very far country yet, I googled it to compare if it has similarity to Venice, Italy, and I can say that…yeah, perhaps.
Note: The place is an attempted recreation of Venice Italy according to some. It’s up to those who already went in Italy if you will agree or not.

I think the most popular here is the gondola boat rides that cost 300 pesos per head with an Italian music as the background which we didn’t try because there were a lot of people lined up and I think, 300 pesos per head is a bit pricey.

We stayed here for almost an hours just roaming around and taking pictures. After that, we decided to eat since we were so tired already. The place is sorrounded with so many restaurants varying from high end to cheap eats. Like the TGIF, bulgogi brothers, Tim Hortons, 24r Denny’s, Korean restaurant, kfc, mcdo, jollibee and so on..

I really enjoyed my first time visit here together with my laag buddies and coming from a first timer, the place is just astoundingly beautiful. It was like we entered in a different world hehehe. I loved the fact that you almost cannot take a bad photo of this place.

However, I think it would be better if they will add more activities for the people to try.

According to my friend, the best time to come here is at night for more amazing view. But we were thinking that it might be crowded (I hate crowded places) so we instead visited it in the morning and luckily, there were few people. There opening time is 11 am. However, you have to deal with the very hot weather if you are planning to come here in the morning.
There’s also the love locks area.

So this place is highly recommended once you’re in Manila. Who doesn’t want like going abroad without spending too much!? Aha! No wonder why people come here just for taking pictures. Take note that roaming around here is for free (no entrance fee) so go ahead and enjoy your day.

How to get here?

1. From Pasay, you can take a bus and tell the driver to drop you in Ayala Station.

2. From Ayala station, take a bus going to BGC (Bonifacio Global City). You need to buy the ticket first which is 12 pesos per head.

3. Once you are in BGC, tell the driver to drop you at Mckinley road.

4. Ask the guard or people there for the jeepney terminal that is bound to FTI gate 3. This will pass in Mckinley Hill. And once you are in gate 3, then walk going down until you see the big sign of Mckinley Hill.

Thank you for reading.

Here are some of my unforgettable moments with my laag buddies:


Watch our trip also on my YouTube channel, here’s our video:

Everyday is Father’s Day

“It was my my father who taught me to value myself.” – Dawn French

This is a poem dedicated for you, Papa:

I remember when I was a kid,
A seven year old-looks so timid.
Play under the green tree,
Catch and hug so free.
Safer than safe and will,
Pleasure show didn’t tell.

Most beautiful smile I seen,
His sincere heart share and care.
His long and lasting love,
I couldn’t ask above.

I’m glad to have you Papa,
Give a sip I made you coffee.
He was just smiling and asking,
So?! Anything??
Yes, I have to say something.

Always at your side,
When you feel collide.
Cheer you up-and give you smack
I had respect – I can’t do fight back.

Always on the contrary,
But still give you the right directory.
Put you on grounding and lesson,
I couldn’t move from long sermon.

When you break his rule,
Prepare yourself to look for a safe hole.
Too strict but pure,
Soon you realized its for your own future.

When you have suitor,
His eyes rolls.
You couldn’t hide,
Can’t speak with lied.
For you he will do anything,
Lay your ears for listening.
You’ll see those what I’m saying,

Bothering is just disturbing.
Look at me,
I am here standing.
For you for real.

Remembering all things he says,
Was the best things leads for your success.
Having a great bonding-Was the happiest,
Priceless and most sweetest.

Now I’m on my thirties,
can we still play?
In our favourite place under the green tree?.
Yes, honey-
Remember- I am your tree,
Cover you from rain or any storm!.
I might not be strong by time,
As long as I have you,
Then be my water
Shower me every time.

You can cry still herein with my shoulder,
My love for you didn’t become less darling.
I love you- than anything,
You are my world that conquer
Loving you don’t makes me to surrender.

My wrinkles was the sign,
Of my undying love.
Your prince will come and love you
More than I do.

Saving his word in my heart,
Has a frame and hurt.
Already been print
Of things we create.
Through the years-He get old,
I always been glad to be with you.
Together we were get strong,
Loving you Papa,

Each and everyday.❀😘

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, Pa! I love you. May you always have good health, kind heart, and more blessings.

Together us in our family, we love you. We thank you for everything.

When You Think Your World is a Burden

There are times that we feel down which is normal for us to feel when we are troubled. Happiness is a choice but no matter how we opt for happiness, there are always uncontrolled situations that would make us feel disappointed. Well, this world is not a paradise because as long as we live, we are at risk to the β€œups” and β€œdowns” of life.

Some of us may be terribly sad as of this moment, some may be facing troubles and heartaches, some may have family problems, some may be cast-away, some may be undergoing identity, career, any financial crisis or just being bullied by the society and others might just feel like there wouldn’t be any escape from the hardships and struggles of life.

In order to make everything in place, take a pause, breathe deeply, and think about the good things whenever you feel that you are carrying the world. It may be dark when you close your eyes but as you try to flash a rainbow, you can see beautiful colors. We could be in our darkest moments but remember this has a purpose. However, do not worry because as long as there are problems there are always solutions! Problems and struggles exist, not for us to be such a failure but for us to be brighter and stronger. Every time you fall, try to get up, every time some people thinks that you are so small, prove that you are better than them, every time that you are heartbroken, contain your heart with people who value you. Whatever crisis you are experiencing, have the hopes and take actions. Appreciate life’s sweetness and you will surely get over your challenges.

Indeed our world is round and we need to be prepared for the up-coming of life. Do not let the world press you down but instead think wider and control it. The way you think matters much because whatever thoughts that would set into your mind it will become a magnet. A magnet that attracts the positive or negative things of life. Have positive thoughts and attract positive things! In that way, you can take control and carry the world at ease.

Lets reflect on this verse from Matthew 32-34;

32β€œFor the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 33β€œBut seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. 34β€œSo do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Happiness Is a Choice and Acceptance Means You Choose to Be Happy


They say β€œHappiness” is doing something that you like to do. Some find their happiness with having lots of money (can’t blame them, I would be happy too if I have lots of money hahaha), some find it with the person that they want to be with forever, and some (like me) find happiness with their kids and family. Like what smurfette said in cartoon movie β€œThe Smurf” happiness is not something you put inside, its already inside all of us we just need someone to bring that happiness out(well that’s not the exact words but its somehow close to what she said haha).

My source of happiness.

In our life we encounter a lot of problems that usually brings us down, and at some point it seems so hard to bounce back. Sometimes when a storm destroys our home it’s really hard to put back the pieces of our house back to its original form. What I mean is when face a lot of trials and problems that brings us down, usually it’s hard for us to stand up and get back to our old self again. The smile became so often, the social life became rare. Talking became so hard and everything seems like in a slow motion, like in the movie. Suddenly we becomes too lazy about doing everything ( but of course if your lazy already let’s not blame the problems with that haha).

You can also be happy by being with your friends and by the way we all love drinking,that is how we bond hahaa

Life is a choice and so is happiness. Well, it’s okay to be sad and be discouraged, you can be angry about your situation right now, just don’t stay too long there. If you can choose to be sad you can also choose to be happy. Life is about acceptance, accepting what you have right now and what situation you’re in right now will help you cope up with sadness. Acceptance means choosing to be happy. You’re in that situation for a reason, because you can bare the pain and because you are strong enough to overcome the trials.

Don’t forget to be with God always, it gives inner peace especially if your troubled.

Start counting what you have right now instead of counting what you don’t have. Some envy you because you have something that they do not have. Whenever you face problems, give the world your best smile and show them you’re happy. You’re happy because you know that everything is constantly changing and nothings permanent. Hey! For all you know it couldn’t get any worst. If you choose to be happy and accept all the trials, everything will be so light and you’ll see, the heaviness in your heart will also feel light.

Today I choose to be happy, I choose to let go of the things that makes me sad. I can be sad over so many things but I won’t stay there for too long because β€œHappiness Is A Choice”.